Lionel Messi & Girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzo | Couple Story

Lionel Messi is beyond all doubt the most extremely popular soccer players in the planet. As Maradona, he's an Argentine. So is his life partner, Antonella Rocuzzo, a 24 year-old, ravishing brunette. She is greatly watchful, a person of nourishment and dietetics learner and devotee of Newell´s Old Young men soccer crew once again in their country, Rosario. 

Antonella is a straightforward young girl who abhorrences being in the spotlight. Notwithstanding her connection with without a doubt the most celebrated internationally soccer players in the globe, Antonella watches her protection. She is the girl of José Roccuzzo, a representative in the grocery store region, and Patricia Blanco, a gave housewife. She is what you might call the nearby young girl. 

Antonella and Lionel began a significant number of years in the past. They met when they were simply 5 years old, as their families are associates. Antonella is Lionel's best companion Lucas Scaglia's cousin, so they essentially acted like an adult as one unit. Messi and Antonella worked toward getting engaged two years back and are going solid. They have constantly been particularly cautious and their popular manifestations are rare. 

Antonella exists in Rosario but she makes a trip, from chance to chance, to Barcelona to meet her dearest “Pulga.” Off and on again its Messi who flies to Argentina. They have a flat in the best zone of Buenos Aires, on the 34th amaze of the Estate Tower of Puerto Madero. 
 Messi & Antonella Rocuzzo Shoping
 Messi With Antonella Rocuzzo & Son
 Messi With Girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzo
Messi & Antonella Rocuzzo New Photo


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